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Are there any fees associated with using a Mercyhurst owned vehicle?
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As the fleet usage continues to grow, it is imperative that the users of University-owned vehicle understand their responsibilities and take the use/request of vehicles seriously.The fleet is available for University employees use at virtually no charge. Drivers are responsible for fuel, tolls, parking costs, along with other miscellaneous per trip costs. In order to make sure that vehicles are available and ready for use, the fleet department has found the need to institute fees associated with certain events that hinder the smooth operation of the University fleet.

Fleet fees:

Refueling fee: $25 + cost of fuel
Cleaning fee: $25 + professional cleaning fees if necessary
Key fees:
Not returned on time $25/day

Replacement $25 + cost to make a new key

Non-use fee: $100 if proper notice is not given

Refueling fee:$25

It is the responsibility of the driver to return all the university-owned vehicles with a full tank of gas. We ask that the driver make every effort to plan accordingly. The fleet department will work closely with all University employees if there is a time in which this could not be accomplished. Please be aware that if the fleet department needs to refuel a vehicle after you have used it, your department will be charged for the fuel and a refueling fee of $25.

Cleaning fee:$25

Please note that the fleet department expects that the vehicle will be returned with out any excessive trash on the inside of the vehicle or any excessive dirt on the outside. If it is determined that the vehicle needs to be cleaned and taken out of service due to the previous conditions, the fleet department will charge your department a $25 cleaning fee and any additional professional cleaning charges if incurred.

Key fees: $25

Key not returned on time

As usage of the fleet begins to grow, the key must be returned to the fleet department/Police & Safety in a timely manner.It is the user’s responsibility to place on the request the time that the vehicle is expected to be returned to campus and the key turned in. We do not expect the user to have an exact, down to the minute return time.However if you state that you are returning at 5:00 PM you need to have the key returned to Police and Safety that night*. You cannot wait until the next morning to return the key because that vehicle may be going the next morning and it needs to be inspected before the next use. If the key is not returned in a timely manner, your department will be charge $25 for failing to return the key on time.

Key Replacement

If the driver of a University-owned vehicle loses a key, the driver's department will be charged a flat fee of $25 and for the cost to replace the key.

Non-use fee:$100

Finally, our vehicles are in high demand and we expect that all departments will follow through on their reservations.If your event has been cancelled, please notify the fleet department as soon as possible. If you fail to pick up the key and use the vehicle as requested, the fleet department will access your department a $25 non-use fee.

*Please remember that no university owned vehicle is to be used for personal use. Vehicles need to stay on campus until they are ready to depart for the assigned trip and need to be returned to campus immediately following the end of the trip.
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